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How does Swiftaid work?

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How it works for Charities

Registration must be completed by an authorised official or responsible person for that organisation. By registering with Swiftaid, charities confirm they are registered with HMRC and let us know the following information:

  • Official name of charity as known by HMRC
  • HMRC charity reference
  • Charity regulator number

This information is used to let HMRC know they will be receiving Gift Aid claims from Swiftaid on behalf of the charity.

Charities are then asked to add a donation source. This is done so that Swiftaid can:

  • Uniquely identify eligible donations
  • Know exactly how much Gift Aid can be claimed
  • Ensure that Gift Aid/GASDS tax relief isn’t claimed more than once on each donation

Once registration is complete and all information is verified, Swiftaid can begin processing Gift Aid declarations and submitting claims to HMRC on the charities behalf. There is no additional admin for charities to worry about. Swiftaid handles the entire Gift Aid process and HMRC pays the charity directly 🙌

How it works for Donors

As part of registering with Swiftaid, donors confirm they are UK taxpayers and let us know their email, name, and address.

Donors are then asked to add their card details. This is so Swiftaid can add eligible Gift Aid to contactless donations made to any charity registered with Swiftaid.

For eligible donations, Swiftaid creates a Gift Aid declaration on behalf of the donor and submits a Gift Aid claim directly to HMRC. The donor's details are not shared with the charity in order to collect Gift Aid unless they explicitly opt in to do so.

At the end of the financial year, we'll send the donor a statement which Higher Rate Taxpayers can use to reduce the tax they pay.

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