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I received a nominee assignment letter from HMRC, what does it mean?

Written by Swiftaid
Updated 3 weeks ago

Following registering your charity with Swiftaid you will receive a letter from HMRC explaining that Swiftaid are now a nominee. This means that Swiftaid are able to submit Gift Aid claims to HMRC on behalf of your charity, allowing for a completely automated Gift Aid experience.
Swiftaid will only process Gift Aid on donations made through sources linked to your account by donors that are also on the system. All donations that Swiftaid process on your behalf will be visible in your charity dashboard.
Your charity can continue to claim Gift Aid as normal on all other declarations that lie outside of Swiftaid's system. 

One charity can assign multiple agents/nominees to help them process Gift Aid and still handle some of the processing themselves.

Example letter: 

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